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“It was within those enduring moments of being connected to the earth through a single finger grip during a climbing expedition when it occurred to me that it was these moments that I craved for, lived for. I looked up at my finger now carrying my entire body weight – I was indeed hooked on adventure. The adrenalin. The rush. The challenge. The vertical challenge. The passion. That’s what I live for.” – George Leigh Mallory, our inspiration

All the world’s great oceans once began their story from a little trickle down a mountain. Alpine Adventures too, began as a passion for the outdoors, thriving on every vertical climb. Started as a little trekking and mountain guiding company, we soon realized that East Africa has been magically blessed with a whole range of adventure sports, from scuba diving to rafting along the Nile to tracking gorillas and chimpanzees. The little trickle soon grew into a rivulet.

As much as adventure and thrill keeps us alive, the silent moments within nature free our spirit. Sitting endless hours by the beach or watching elephants play away in the mud created a unique sense of adventure – it made us appreciate the magic within the mountains and oceans. The only real way to enjoy our every moment was to balance out the rush and the silence… and that is how we have now grown to accompany you on every safari and beach excursion. The rivulet has just turned into a small river.
Our mighty waters are still flowing with force, joining other adventure seekers on the way and aggressively seeking more and more thrill everywhere we go.
Today our team comprises of adventure junkies who have been leading trekking and climbing expeditions for the last 10 years. Our technical climbing and management experience has resulted in hundreds of climbers summiting various peaks across Africa and Asia. We also have travel experts who will assist you in designing your ideal adventure holiday!

Alpine Adventures is purely passion driven… an endless love for the outdoors and the desire to veer off the mundane track. So now, climb on board our world of adventure as we embark on our next adventure together! :o)